DIANA ROSS at the RYMAN in Nashville

Can she really be seventy years young?

And what lurks underneath?
70 is the new 35. Or so it seemed, watching Diana Ross perform recently at the Ryman Auditorium. 

She still has the glitz and the glamour and moves effortlessly, in her sexy, colorful, sparkly, flamboyant outfits.

The Show opened dramatically with flashing disco-style lighting and a view of the orchestra. She appeared, striding across the stage, to tumultuous applause, microphone in hand belting out “I’m Coming Out.”

Gracious, charming. The essential Diana.

Miss Ross is one of the few performers who can wear an outer garment reminiscent of the Michelin Tire Man, and still look amazing. The outfit, made up of three bolts of tulle, was nonchalantly tossed on the floor.

Then, she stood there, sexy, in a sleek shimmering shift, with more tassels. beads and decoration than a Las Vegas Showgirl.

The backup band

Her voice is still powerful and emotional. She was accompanied by an exceptional 11-piece orchestra and three backup singers. Each had a solo segment during the concert.

We were entertained for 1-1/2 hours. The only time she left the stage was for four quick costume changes. Each costume more outrageous than the one before.

There was no dialogue, no self-pity, no talk of age, and no sips of water or needing to sit down. Pure entertainment from start to finish. Starting with her Motown hits, the audience went wild, as she moved through her repertoire of easily recognizable songs.

Owning the spotlight.

Most of the time the audience was standing, clapping, dancing in the aisles.

How appropriate that this performance was in a “Church” that had once upon a time been used for Revival Services. This was a revival of a different sort—one to uplift and revive the spirits.

If Reverend Jones and Captain Ryman were looking on that night, I feel sure they would be proud of this Event, and enjoying the full attendance and longevity of  “The Tabernacle” they opened in 1891.

There were familiar songs with familiar words:  “Baby Love,”  “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, “Reach Out And Touch Someone,” and on and on.

Please don’t leave!

We were indulged with the songs from “Lady Sings the Blues.” It is apparent Diana Ross is in great voice, enjoying every moment and not singing the blues.

What a treat to be entertained by a performer of this caliber in such a unique setting. The audience did not want her to leave! Eventually, after giving generous encores, even the thunderous applause did not bring her back.

Diana Ross has lived life to the full, with all its ups and downs and she is a survivor. This was a demonstration that some things get better with age, and we love her now more than ever.

Note: this blog, originally published 2/17/15; revised 9/4/19


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