TASCA da BADALHOCA — a 120 year old tavern, serving a century-old favorite in Porto, Portgugal


One of the oldest taverns in Porto, Tasca da Badalhoca, has endured for 120 years by serving the same sandwich over and over again,

Located in a quiet neighborhood, well away from the tourist center of Porto, the singular sandwich here is served on a crusty bread roll, made by the bakery across the street  (which also belongs to Tasca der Badalhoca) and is filled with the specialty of the house: sliced, smoked pork, an optional slice of cheese, and a dash of mustard. The pork is special and is smoked by the owners of the tavern according to the 120-year-old recipe that has been handed down through the generations.

The exterior of Tasca da Badalhoca is painted a distinct burgundy color and stands out with its circular doorway. The interior, more snug than you’d think due to the thick stone walls and unchanged for generations, is intimate and fills up fast at lunch or dinner time with people dropping in for their sandwich — usually accompanied by a jug of local craft beer.

The customers, mostly male on the day I visited, stand at the counter to place their order. While it may seem crowded, service is prompt and fast, and waiting time is minimal.  There are a few tables, though when these fill up guests stand around in groups, chatting and eating. It is a highly social setting where the regulars gather in little groups where the conversation flows.

The smoked shoulders of ham are used both as a decorative and a promotional feature throughout the restaurant, hanging enticingly above the counter and in repositories in the walls where they are stored securely behind concertinaed metal gates.

Although the restaurant scene in Porto is one of the best and most innovative, the locals still love their authentic taverns where they can find more traditional kinds of sandwiches and snacks. Tasca da Badalhaco is unlikely to be found by checking the restaurant guide.

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Tel. 351/913 776 598


Dr. Alberto de Macedo 437
4100-206 PORTO. Portugal.
9.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.
Closed Sat. after 2.00 p,m, and Sunday.

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